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Hi metalhead,

Most of you know me as the lead guitarist in Epica. Others might remember me playing in God Dethroned and MaYaN. A few might have seen me rocking out in more obscure bands in a distant past.
I’ve been teaching guitar for around 20 years now, and I’ve been a professional touring musician for almost 15 years. I earn a living in music business, and my mission with College of Metal is to help you achieving the same thing.

The term ‘music business’ has two words, both being equally important in my eyes. Therefore,

  1. College of Metal will make you a better metal musician,
    by providing practical and in-depth lessons from the artists themselves. What better way to learn your favourite metal music than to have the composer getting though the different parts, showing you the tricks, the techniques, and explaining you why they do what they do. 
    I’ll put myself to the test first. Soon you’ll be able to buy instructional guitar lessons in which I’ll be showing you exactly how I play the songs I’ve been playing live for years allover the world. All of this will be accompanied by accurate and reliable guitar tabs. 

  2. College of Metal will also trigger you as a band member,
    by providing relevant info about the business. Being a great musician is one thing; getting yourself and/or your band to a higher level is as important. Along the way, I’ve been involved with a range of music managers, producers, record labels, bookers, publishing and copyright companies, etc. Articles on these subjects will be published regularly.

To get started, and to give you a glimpse of what’s to come, I’m providing a FREE download of the guitar playthrough video and the guitar tabs for Epica’s ‘Universal Death Squad’. Just give me your e-mail address below and I’ll make sure you get them right away. 

Feel free to share this info with your metal friends if you think this could help them.

Isaac Delahaye 

- lead guitarist Epica -

My first name is and I'm a .
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