College of Metal

Where artists show you how it’s done. 

College of Metal is an online educational metal music platform that enables anyone to learn from the best metal musicians in the world. The first College of Metal courses are featuring EPICA, and can be found in the College of Metal store.  

The term ‘music business’ contains two words, both being equally important. Therefore,

  1. College of Metal will make you a better metal musician,
    by providing practical and in-depth lessons from the artists themselves. What better way to learn your favourite metal music than to have the composer/performer going though the different parts, showing you the tricks and techniques, and explaining why they do what they do. 

  2. College of Metal will trigger you as a band member,
    by providing relevant info about the metal music business. Being a great musician is one thing; getting yourself and/or your band to a higher level is just as important. Along the way, I’ve been involved with a range of music managers, producers, record labels, bookers, publishing and copyright companies, etc. More information on these subjects will be published soon.

Remember that every expert was a beginner once. 

Isaac Delahaye 

- lead guitarist Epica -

My first name is and I'm a .
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